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We serve Dallas County and the cities within a 15- to 20-mile radius, including Garland, Rockwall, and Rowlett.

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Are you looking for year-round child care for your precious ones? Do you want to give your little ones a head start with their early childhood education? Perhaps you want a preschool that offers low-tuition child care. Look no further than Lakeview Children’s Academy.

What Lakeview Children’s Academy offers
Lakeview Children’s Academy is dedicated to providing your children with quality year-round child care in a fun and safe environment. Our facilities are clean, bright, and welcoming, and our teachers are dedicated to the children in their care. We have a curriculum that includes related art, music, and physical activities – all designed to help your little one grow right along with his or her peers.

Our Programs

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A “Beka” Curriculum for Preschool Children

Lakeview Children's Academy is using the ABeka curriculum for preschool children. This program will help your child to learn basic math, reading, and writing math skills, in addition, to teach phonics. They will also learn the Old and New Testaments and how they fit into the Bible.


Year-Round Child Care

Lakeview Children's Academy offers year-round child care. Our facility is open year-round, so you can enroll your kids in the program even if they will need care during the summer. We will offer plenty of fun activities to keep your children busy, including field trips, educational activities, and other fun programs.


Full Day Child Care

Lakeview Children's Academy offers full-day child care. Our teachers are experienced in early childhood development and have the training to handle your child and help them reach their full potential. Our teachers will engage your child in fun learning activities like puzzles, games, and blocks.

What We Offer

Art Classes

We offer art classes that are scheduled throughout the day. Most of the activities are taught in small groups to help your child learn from others and become more social. These lessons include painting, drawing, and many other fun activities for your child to learn from.

Special Education

Our staff has the experience to run a program for your child that will help him or her reach his or her full potential. We will make sure that your child receives the help they need and will work together to bring out their true potential.

Activity Rooms

We have two separate activity rooms that can be used for different purposes. One of the rooms can be used for large group activities. The second room can be used for small group activities, like art or science class.

Great Activities

Our activities are designed to promote creativity, independent thinking, and positivity to all our children.

Birthday Party

Have a birthday party for your child at Lakeview Children's Academy. Our staff will help you plan and put together a special party. Your child will have a great time playing games or just talking with their friends.

Healthy Food

We have a variety of healthy food options that your child can choose from. This way, they will get the nutrients that they need to be growing and healthy.

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